I'm from a small Wisconsin town on the shore of Lake Michigan. My earliest memories are of lake weather animating the world with sound, shifting lights and darks of sky, water, grass. I was lucky to have an early childhood with plenty of time and unusual freedom to explore the woods and the water's edge, and to make things out of what I found.

My painting isn't about trying to recapture memories of what was there. The colors and forms I use evoke sensory associations with landscapes I've experienced. The space that my paintings are committed to is inner; an atmosphere in which we are immersed. There is movement of recession and advancement; how things look when they go back and move forward, of fluctuating density and transparency, sometimes broken by light. I paint because I love doing it: looking, exploring, making. The animation of conditions. I like disturbing the surfaces of paint, shifting grays, the illusion of space and scale, colors that embody their opposites.

I haven't had formal art training beyond drawing classes in school. I started to paint steadily, in earnest, in 2006.  Most of my work is abstract because its subject is its own making: sensual elements dissolve and reunite. The abstracts are topographies of paint; when they succeed they are a terrain you can follow, a search for unity through relationships of color and form.

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